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    Do subliminals really work?
    The short is answer is yes, they do work. If you believe something, it’s real. So how do you start believing that spinach tastes good? You have to do it step by step. Hypnosis (such as what you see on TV or on stage) is not real. If it were real, evil hypnotists would be robbing banks and making the victims forget it ever happened. That is not to say that evil hypnotists don’t exists, but they’re powers are much more limited. Hypnotism per se isn’t real, but subconscious beliefs and patterns are very real. The hypnosis you see on stage is a mixture of peer pressure and willingness to participate. I know, I was a stage hypnotist for many years.The truth is, I wish hypnosis was real. I could “zap” myself into believing life is peachy and that I’m ecstatic to go to work. It IS possible to change those beliefs. The process of change sometimes takes a bit more time than what you see on TV. The goal of using subliminals and affirmations is the same as goal as using hypnosis. If hypnosis works for you, keep at it! A hypnotist may be able to help you in the short term. He may even suggest self-hypnosis tapes or CDs that contain subliminals or affirmations to help assist his suggestions. Using affirmations and subliminals is in fact a form of self hypnosis. The idea is to get the words directly to your subconscious that you start to really believe what’s being said. Read this page to find out how subliminal MP3s work.

    What is the difference between a subliminal MP3 and an Affirmation MP3?

    Subliminals are not heard. You may hear a muffled voice, or you may not hear a voice at all. Affirmations are meant to be repeated to yourself. Our MP3s contain both affirmations and subliminals. To learn more about subliminal messages please read this page to learn what are subliminal messages.

    About this site:

    This site was born out the need to create affirmations to help soothe the mind. We are currently working on new affirmation MP3s. You can make a suggestion in the forums if you would like something in particular.

    We are very much into alternative methods of healing for both mind and body. We are open to all types of healing, including yoga, reiki, qigong, meditation, cranial electro stimulation, binaural beats, affirmations and subliminal recordings, nutritional therapy, herbs, light and sound machines and anything that can help us heal. We appreciate your thoughts and your feedback.

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