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About this site:

We are here to help you. We are no strangers to existential depression and anxiety. This site was born out the need to create affirmations to help soothe the mind. We are currently working on new affirmation MP3s. You can make a suggestion in the forums if you would like something in particular.

We are very much into alternative methods of healing for both mind and body. We don’t like taking pharmaceuticals, but we do not judge others who are taking them. Some of us have managed to quit taking benzodiazepines after many years of medication. We found an excellent resource for those who also want to quit benzos here. You will find many people there for support.

We are open to all types of healing, including yoga, reiki, qigong, meditation, cranial electro stimulation, binaural beats, affirmations and subliminal recordings, nutritional therapy, herbs, light and sound machines and anything that can help us heal. We appreciate your thoughts and your feedback.

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